Preceptor Education Program (PEP)

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario, a project funded by The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Developed by: Bossers, A., Bezzina, M.B., Hobson, S., Kinsella, A., MacPhail, A., Schurr, S., Moosa, T., Rolleman, L., Ferguson, K., DeLuca, S., Macnab, J. & Jenkins, K.

The Modules

The PEP consists of seven modules. Please go to the section Enter the Modules to view the full content of the modules. The modules do not need to be done in any specific order and are independent of each other.

Once logged in to the PEP site on OWL, from the PEP Modules Home Page click on either the link for the module you would like to access, or click on the module link on the menu at the left.

The following modules are available. Click on the module name to see more the module's introduction and a list of learning objectives (in a new window):

  1. Module 1:  Orientation - Welcoming the Student, Roles and Expectations
  2. Module 2:  Developing (Really Useful) Learning Objectives
  3. Module 3:  Giving and Receiving Informal Feedback
  4. Module 4:  Understanding and Fostering Clinical Reasoning
  5. Module 5a: Fostering Reflective Practice
  6. Module 5b: Advanced Topics in Reflective Practice
  7. Module 6:   Dealing with Conflict
  8. Module 7:  The Formal Evaluation Process

The modules use multi-media technology and include tips, references, reflection notes, quizzes and video clips.

On the PEP Modules Home Page, in addition to the above module links there are also links to this web site ( and to an area containing downloadable templates and documents, called "Check these Key Resources" on the menu at the left.


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