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Preceptor Education Program
for Health Professionals and Students

The Preceptor Education Program is an online interprofessional program with eight interactive learning modules. The modules are available on this website or through eCampus Ontario as an open education resource. Each module takes 30-45 minutes to complete. The modules include downloadable resources, learning exercises, video case scenarios and references. Learning is self-directed. Complete modules in any order; however, it is recommended learners complete them sequentially from modules 1 to 8. Generate a certificate of completion and complete an optional feedback survey for each module. The program is designed to support students and preceptors in health professions programs as they work together to provide learning environments that will prepare students for the real world of professional practice.


This is the third edition of PEP released Sept 2022

Steering Group

  • Lisa McCorquodale
  • Karen Ferguson
  • Samantha Doralp
  • Karen Jenkins

Development Team:

  • Lisa McCorquodale, Occupational Therapy, WesternU
  • Karen Ferguson, Nursing, WesternU
  • Samantha Doralp, Physical Therapy, WesternU
  • Karen Jenkins, Nursing, Fanshawe
  • Sheila Moodie, Communication Sciences and Disorders, WesternU
  • Taslim Moosa, Communication Sciences and Disorders, WesternU
  • Kirsten Smith, Occupational Therapy, WesternU
  • Holly Relouw, Nursing, WesternU
  • Denise Connelly, Physical Therapy, WesternU
  • Vivetha Thambinathan, Health Studies, WesternU
  • Danielle Glista, Communication Sciences and Disorders, WesternU
  • Jessie Wilson, Adjunct Researcher and Clinical Partner, WesternU
  • Kathleen McQueen, CBI Home Health Services
  • Julie Whitehead, Instructional Design, Faculty of Health Sciences, WesternU
  • Ann Bossers, Professor Emerita, Occupational Therapy, WesternU
  • Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, Institute of Health Sciences Education, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, McGill

Technology Support:

  • Allyson Steward, eLearning Technology Specialist, Western Technology Services
  • Natalie Oldfied, Instructional Designer, Team Lead, Centre for Teaching and Learning, WesternU

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